About the Author

Bradley Lejeune is the ingeniously abbreviated combination of writers Malcolm Bradley and Martin Lejeune.

Malcolm has worked for eight years as a freelance ghostwriter, while Martin has a background in filmmaking and visual effects.

They figured that attempts to forcefully breed their various talents with one another might result in some good books. Or crimes against nature… Only time will tell. Martin loves walking his cat – it’s a thing, okay – reading sci-fi and he dreams of one day writing a spy novel.

Malcolm is a total fantasy nerd with a leaning toward horror, who identifies a little too strongly with zombies. They met far too many years ago while working in a cinema together. Except that they talked about movies and never did any work.

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When the enigmatic but powerful Koru unexpectedly abandon their embassy on Proxima Centauri, Vik—a one-time activist and war hero—and his shadowy friend Copeland attempt to find out if this is a prelude to a war that would prove disastrous for humanity.

Their search for answers leads to dangerous discoveries. Will Vik now risk his marriage and comfortable life if it means a chance to finally find out the truth?

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The McMurdo Rift series

The McMurdo Rift

One ex-wife. Her missing husband. A mysterious alien race. Earth created a grand and far-spanning empire. It rebelled. What should have been an easy victory became swift defeat when the alien Koru allied themselves with the breakaway colonies and an attack on Earth by a powerful ship almost brought the homeworld to utter ruin. On that day, Mark Franklin saved the world, but at a terrible cost.

The McMurdo Triangle

Missing Ships. An Unseen Menace. A Deadly Coup. Out on the edge of human-controlled space, ships have been going missing. For years, rumours have circulated about risks to shipping in this dangerous region.

The McMurdo War

An Unprovoked War. A Fugitive on the run. A Ship Recalled. For a generation, the region has just been a forgotten backwater. Home to a few traders, a mining outpost and the regular tourist run for the SS Olympic. Until now. After the battle with their stealth ship, the Koru are mounting the largest military build-up in a decade. Mark Franklin, war hero turned bartender, was hoping for a quiet vacation on a nearby pleasure planet but his hopes are dashed when the UTC government declares him a wanted fugitive and launches a manhunt against him. Now he and his on again, off again ex-wife Sarah are running out of time to find their ship and get out of the system before the UTC Cruiser arrives.